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With over a decade of experience, Los Angeles is like our backyard and with so many brokerage options popping up we know how hard it must be to pick out the flowers from the weeds. Buying/Selling is stressful enough and while we can't make the process easier, we can make it personal.


who you are

  • Homeowners looking to Sell.
  • Buyers looking for a new home.
  • Buyers looking for an Income Property.

single family + multi-unit




As the rental market in Southern California continues to grow the question is rarely, "why should I become a Landlord?" but "how can I become a Landlord?".  HHHL offers expert real estate advice coupled with industry resources that can make your questions a reality. If you already own an income property, then you're already more than halfway there! 


who you are

  • Income property Owner.
  • Homeowner with separate rental property on grounds.
  • Buyer interest in Income Property.
  • Group of Prospective Buyers looking to purchase together.




It's a lot easier said than done, renting. Virtually every listing sounds too good to be true and when you go to check it out, it generally is. HHHL takes the element of surprise out of finding your temporary home. The NY / LA battle of the best is a fun coastal rivalry that doesn't have to include real estate any longer! We are so excited to offer customized services as representatives to eager Los Angeles renters. That's right, Happy Home Happy Life has Agents that put You, the Renter, first. That's gotta feel good.



  • Renters seeking long-term or short-term leases.
  • Out-of-state Renters.
  • Renters looking to Buy.
  • Individuals or Groups.